Hello my name is Wesley Aslanoglou I am 32 years old and am currently attending the University of the Arts Utrecht where I study Game Design & Development. I've created this website as a place where I can post my student projects and other portfolio works.

Programming and Project History
I began learning how to script in my first year, after the summer of 2011, where I started with HyperText Markup Language(.html) and PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor(.php) quickly followed by Flash(.as3) and GameMaker(.gml), this is where I learned most of the fundamentals of scripting and programming. In the months leading up to the summer I decided to go for something challanging and made a mobile game for Windows Phone 6 written in visual studio C#(.cs). In which players would be using the phone's GPS to find nearby points of interest, and try to capture these by exploring the location with a team of units, if another player had already captured the location the player would be going up against that player's defences. It was a really fun and interesting project to work on and even for an outdated system like Windows Phone 6 it worked pretty well.
In my second year I've been doing all kinds of projects mostly in Unity using C#(.cs), but i've also taken a seminar where i learned "Object Orientated Programming in C++"(.cpp).

Rainbow Racer
A small arcade/dodge app for the android devices in which the player is a star dashing across a rainbow dodge obstacles in the way. I made this app to experience new SDKs, such as "Admob" for it's ingame adds and "GooglePlayServices" for it's achievements and leaderboards.

Unknown Defense
This is a game i developed while on exchange in Japan, in this game the player will be playing against another player using iPads and will set up towers and a path before they know their enemies moves, once both players are ready the battle starts and players find out if their strategy was solid. During the actual play phase the players will be able to upgrade their towers and units and need to reach the enemies core before the enemy reaches the player's core. For this game i was the lead developer and used C#(.cs) and Unity3D to develop this game. Major assets include, "A* 2D pathfinding", "Unity Engine Networking to send and sync actions", "Double layered playfields" and "Upgrade system and interface".

Here I am: Wildflower
During the development and the design process of this game we were given complete freedom to try anything we want we ended up wanting too much and trying too much and the project didn't end anywhere near where we hoped. However it was an educational experience for us and we've learned a lot from the mistakes that happend during this project. I also had the oppertunity to program features i hadn't done before, such as AI and Pathing.

Happy Aging: Zoektoch naar wijsheid
This is a game designed for the Elderly, our goal was to have elderly people experience a beautiful puzzle adventure, with simple controls so that they wouldn't be afraid to try the game and prevent confuesion while playing. The game is controlled using a point and click system and the player will be given visual feedback whenever the player interacts or has a possibility to interact. With this project the school also introduced an increased focus on adding audio to the game, for this our team tried to make audible instructions since elderly tend to have trouble reading of a screen. In this project i was the lead developer and I've written all of the game's code using C#(.cs), major assets include "Point and Click System", "Graphic User Interface", "Sound File Manager" and "Interactive Objects Animations".

Design for Space: Solar Temple
This game was a project made by a team, I was primarily not assigned to. When their programmer left them shortly before the deadline, I offered my help and worked around the clock to help finish this project. It's a game where you are exploring a temple and need to use light and objects to modify this light to solve puzzles. It is also fully compatible with the Xbox360 controller . In this project I've written all of the game's code using C#(.cs), major assets include "Raycasting of Lightbeams and it's reflections", "Making Objects Interactive and using coded animations", "Sound File Manager", "Graphic User Interface ", "Object Highlighting" and an "Overview Camera".

Design for Space: Glacier Guy
In this game the player has to travel through an icy yeti lair and save a princess, all the while trying to escape from hypothermia. In this project i wasn't the lead developer, I've was working together with another programmer Jayce Rettob who developed the Voxel system used to generate and break the ice. I made smaller assets like the compass used in the game, the portalable heating unit and certain GUI elements, we both worked in C#(.cs). During this project I also developed a backup system using cubes and dynamicly combining their meshes, should Jayce's method proved to have been buggy, which it was thankfully not.